29 August 2016

Handbuilding versus the wheel

For the last few weeks I have been doing some handbuilding at a local community college (see previous two posts) and quite enjoying getting to know some new clay buddies...

However, when I got home last Saturday I had a yearning to throw some pots..

The clay is a new batch and quite wet which is good as it is a grogged clay (it has bits in it) which can be rough on your hands but this was OK.

The first pot was very cooperative, I lost the next one after trying to turn it into something that lump of clay did not want to be..

The third go was good and I have a nice shaped bottle underway...
Now if only I can trim them before they dry too much.  That is the struggle with clay all the time but with wheel throwing the timing to trim the pot is crucial...  too wet and it will be messy, too dry and you will blunt your tool and take much too long trimming or the tool will just bounce off and you will have to give up.

If these work I'll be putting them aside for a raku firing in the future.

20 August 2016

Playing with clay on a cool Saturday arvo

After class today I still had some clay I'd rolled into a slab and not used (because underglaze painting took up most of the class time).

So when I got home I decided to have a play with it.

I'd often thought to try this technique but only have a small piece of this egg carton foam...

I quite like the result so far... these little teapot shaped dishes (to hold that used teabag) are cut out with a nice big cookie cutter, placed on the foam and then I used a plaster cylinder to press down in the middle and presto, a nice little dish...

I'm not quite sure what will become of the cactus... some glaze tests perhaps?

Have a great weekend everyone

14 August 2016

just quietly carrying on

things are a bit quiet on the making front at the moment as I am busy with the preparations for the Port Hacking Potters National Competition... not making for it but helping to put the show on...
so much goes on behind the scenes...

If you are an Australian potter you should consider putting in an entry - link here to learn more about it: http://porthackingpotters.blogspot.com.au/p/2016-national-competition.html

so I am doing some handbuilding just to keep the clay withdrawal symptoms at bay...

the surface is stamped with the design shown which is a bisque fired stamp of my own based on the lilly pilly fruit.

we have several lilly pilly trees in our yard but this one gets the most fruit.

09 August 2016

Teapots on Show

My teapots are now on show at the Inner City Clayworkers Gallery in Glebe

See my previous post for more details...
These are the ones to look for as they are throughout the display...

In the foreground is an owl teapot by Tanya Bechara of Hop'n Frog Pottery with her Butterfly teapot at the back.  Mine is the buff coloured one with red hearts in the middle.  

Here mine is the one with orange decoration around the lid.

This is my favourite this year... titled "Hibbertia" the decoration is based on a local yellow flowering creeper, commonly known as 'Guinea Vine'.  

If you are in Sydney do try to get over to Glebe to see the show... there are some amazing creations and the show runs until the end of the month.

02 August 2016

a Busy Weekend - exhibition, stall, prep...

I'll have a busy few days this coming weekend...

Friday night

Official opening and prize giving at the Innercity Clayworkers Gallery, Glebe.  I have fingers crossed for my pottery friend Tanya of Hop'n Frog Pottery. My own teapots might find a new home to go to perhaps.

Saturday morning

Stall to support Assistance Dogs Australia at the Shire Farmers Market in Sutherland

Saturday afternoon will be the handbuilding class I started last week... (teacher: Anna what are you doing here you have so much experience already?  Me: its somewhere warm to work! )

Sunday afternoon:  Meeting of the Port Hacking Potters at Hazelhurst Arts Centre to start preparations for the community activity to make a garden sculpture while the National Competition is on.

I hope to sleep in on Monday!