22 October 2018

Sale Pending and lots happening

The Port Hacking Potters 50th National Pottery Competition opened on Saturday...
The winning entries were fantastic pieces of work.

Mine may not have won a prize amongst such high talent however it looks like I may have a sale.  The one on the right has interest shown which should become a sale, I hope, fingers crossed.

15 October 2018

A Sale A Holiday and then back to reality

This teapot was titled "George by the Sea" and found a new home at the Sydney Teapot Show, thanks to the Kerrie Lowe Gallery in Newtown.

I then headed over to Western Australia and had a lovely time visiting potters over there... might find time to say more about that later...

We didn't go far enough north to see the fields of wild flowers however we did find some lovely ground orchids on our walks and the Botanic Gardens in Perth gave us a taste of the fields.

The flora of Western Australia is amazing and we enjoyed the relaxed (compared to Sydney) atmosphere.

Now I am busy with details for the Port Hacking Potters 50th National Competition - entries close on 9 October 2018 so check it out if you are a potter, come along to the Awards presentation on Saturday 20 October at 2pm to see the amazing works.

12 October 2018

Big Celebrations

If you are in Sydney do try to get along to the Port Hacking Potters 50th National Pottery Competition and associated activities...
I will have some work in the competition but really looking forward to the Master Class with Shannon Garson.