29 June 2006


Here is a photo of my pots that were included in a woodfiring at TAFE. My thanks to the other students who put them in with their pots.

The ones on the outside were previously published as work in progress. The one in the middle was decorated using iron oxide dissolved in water and painted on with a brush. A really nice firing!

18 June 2006

Virtual Gallery Visit

Check out my side bar for a new link to the Cutting Edge Gallery in the UK. If you like drawings, paintings, animals or the sea you will enjoy this site.

The owners are related to my husband. Don't you just love the internet, the way you can visit the world online!

11 June 2006

Previous Cultural Production Art Works

I really don't know where to start with my 'making' of examples of art style/periods. Perhaps by posting up the images I used for some styles in my previous module I will get an idea to build on. Here goes: Art Deco, Cubism, Art Nouveau and Constructivism.

09 June 2006

The Left Sock

This is not ceramics but it is a fun art project by Flossie Peitch in which she invited people to decorate the sock that is left behind and send it to be displayed at the following link site: http://www.livingmuseum.org.au
and follow the links (Chisholms Homes exhibition by Flossie Peitch) to the exhibition images and scroll through to the sock display.

It was such an intriguing idea that I sent off an entry which was a tribute to my son's travel to the World Cup Soccer in Germany and his German friend who wears mismatched socks.

07 June 2006

Anna's Cultural Productions 2006

This site will be used to display my student works. Both Cultural Productions and other module works for my Diploma in Ceramics at TAFE NSW Sutherland College, Gymea Campus.