17 November 2012


My latest pig sculpture is in the foreground on the lower plinth.
The previous post showed works by graduating students of the Ceramic Design Studio at Gymea TAFE.

I left out my own work so here are some that were there.

Unfortunately I had to be out of town when the show went up and my pigs were marked on the catalogue as NFS when really I would have happily have sold them.

The bracelet and necklace were for sale but it will be a few days before I find out if they found a new home.

Have you checked out the group blog, Artists in Blogland yet?  Worth a visit :^)  You might have to scroll down to see this weeks additions.


lorik said...

I really like your jewellery!

Anna said...

Hi Lorik, thank you - that means a lot coming from a jewellery maker such as yourself :>)

Carol Creech said...

Beautiful work! I love the bracelet. Hi from Artists in Blogland!

AM Zafaran said...

It looks great! Lovely jewellery

Anna said...

Hi Carol - thanks for coming over from Artists in Blogland - I'm considering starting an online shop :)
Thanks Za faran :^)

Anna said...
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