24 August 2011

Ready to go

I have added the findings to my pieces and now have brooches and necklaces ready for a market stall in a couple of weeks time. The 50 cent piece is just to give you an idea of their size.

Butterfly brooches

Brown bird brooches

Swinging Bird necklace - Porcelain on leather

Porcelain Bird Brooches

Porcelain Swinging Bird necklace on chain

Brown Swinging Bird necklace

Swinging Butterfly necklace


PQR said...

I love the bird brooches - the ones with touch of blue make me think of willow pattern tea-cups missing little bird shaped pieces.

Anna said...

Thank you. I hope the people at the markets feel the same and choose to take them home :^)

Linda Starr said...

Swinging bird and butterfly how cool those are and I love seeing your 50 cent piece coin, interesting shape to it.

Oh Anna, may I ask what glue do you use for your findings?

Anna said...

Hi Linda, glad you like my swinging bird and butterfly :^) The Fifty Cent coin is that shape so that people with low vision can tell it apart from our 20cent coin. The glue is called Selleys Quick Fix Supa Glue for metals, woods, rubber, china, leather, paper & most plastics. It is impact resistant which means it drys but has some 'give' in it which I thought would be useful for the brooches.