05 April 2012

There goes Term One!

Well my class is now on the Easter term break so I'll have time to catch my breath and write up my assignment (just a little one fortunately).
We had some tests of Eygptian Paste. Not my favourite material - others seem to get some lovely results with it but somehow I'm always disappointed in my results.  These yellow ones look OK at first glance but I might have handled them too much as the backs are very rough.
The bead hanger has been coated with kiln wash and also the wire and then fired in an electric kiln to about 900 deg C. The three in the middle were fired flat. They are usable but not as nice as some I have seen others make.  They are quite thin.  They were easy to smooth off with a wet stone.

These bits and pieces have been underglazed (well, not the ones with blue prints on) and glazed and back to be fired ready for the start of Term Two.

Have a Happy Easter everyone and don't forget to check over at Mud Colony to see what others are doing this week.


Sadhana said...

I have been meaning to do some Egyptian Paste beads for ages...like many things it is a matter of time ....
I did a workshop with Cheryl Jones a few years ago and loved it and had planned to be industrious with it and haven't touched it since :(...... groan.
Love your hangers.
You have definitely inspired me :)

Anna said...

Hi Sadhana, Cheryl has Egyptian Paste worked out to a T! Wish I could get her results :^( I love her boats too. Sounds like you have enough going on at the moment without messing with EP..

Linda Starr said...

I have only heard of Egyptian paste and know nothing other than that, the blue ones look scrumptious.

Anna said...

Hi Linda, only the yellow ones on the bead hanger are Egyptian Paste. It is a self glazing mix based on that used by the Egyptians for their jewellery, in particular turquoise coloured scarab beetle jewellery.
I might post a recipe for folks to try. Fiddly stuff as the more you handle it the less it works. As it dries crystals form that then become the shiny glaze like surface.