08 November 2012

Look familiar?

Today I came across this clip on a Facebook site:


it dates back to 1941 and is of workers at the Wedgwood factory back then.  The opening images reminded me of our trip to the UK in 2010 when we visited the Wedgwood museum.

Have a look at the clip and see if you agree:

the blue bells were amazing and right on the road side next to the museum.

while in the visitors centre I threw this little pot using their Jasperware - I think perhaps the blue bells inspired Josiah way back then!
think I'll send this post over to Mud Colony and my Facebook page..


Sadhana said...

What a great little clip.
Thanks for posting it.
I love seeing vintage films that show the differences and similarities to the present day. Great!

Anna said...

Hi Sadhana
The clip came up on a Facebook site and I just had to share it on. I'm sure the opening scenes are taken in the bluebell wood we saw on our trip :^) Thanks for commenting, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Christine said...

beautiful little pot! Love the bluebells too. Over from Artists in Blogland.

Anna said...

hi Christine, thanks for calling by my blog. That day when I made the pot and saw the bluebells was a highlight of our trip to the UK.