12 January 2013

From Roussillon

Back in 2010 my husband and I visited France and took a tour with Jane Annois of Zeste French Tours (Jane also organizes the Pottery Expo in Victoria)
Since we returned I have been keeping aside some of the pots and souvenirs I collected along the way. Well, the New Year brought on a clean up and I now have this beautiful bowl on display instead of being packed in a box.
 It was purchased at a pottery in Roussillon, the La Poterie des Chals which is run by Nathalie Pouzet and Jean Jacques Dubernard.

I don't speak much French but I was told that Jean Jacques threw the bowl and Nathalie decorated it.
Follow the link to their website for a wonderful insight into their pottery.  It has a very long history with the oldest kiln only been replaced in the last few years.


Linda Starr said...

what a beautiful bowl, what is the wood item behind it? nice to see the crocheted doily.

Anna said...

Hi Linda
it is a gorgeous bowl. The wood it a hand carved lamp. Three birds and the upright for the light all carved from the one piece of wood by an artisan in Papua New Guinea. Purchased when we lived there in the 1980s.
The doily is a table runner - they do soften the atmosphere - I don't use them often but with all that dark brick....