21 June 2013

Teapot Show invitation, woodfire exhibition

During the week I received my copies of the invites for the Sydney Teapot Show and oh my gosh I only have one teapot complete!!
One has been bisqued and one about to be so I sure hope I get them into a glaze firing very soon...

Mark your diary now - the teapots are always amazing... lots of interesting themes for makers to go wild with....

Tonight I am not long back from the opening of Woodfire 2013 a tribute to Janet Mansfield at the Kerrie Lowe Gallery in Newtown.
The opening was talk by Bernadette Mansfield and Neil Mansfield a moving account of Janet's contribution to the Australian and International ceramics community.

Works by every well known wood firer you might think of, Judy Boydell, Barbara Campbell-Allen, Ray Cavill, Zak Chalmers Len Cook, Geoff Crispin, Rowley Drysdale, Steve Harrison, Chester Nealie, Sandy Lockwood, Susie Mc Meekin, Owen Rye, Peter Rushforth, Yuri Wiedenhofer, the list goes on....

I am not a woodfirer myself though I quite enjoy the process of stoking the fire and waiting for the results, will we get flashing, will the ash form a nice glaze, etc.  This was a must see exhibition though and there was some beautiful pots on display and lots of red stickers by the end of the night.

Some fortunate person will be taking home a very large urn shaped pot by Chester Nealie that has the most wonderful greens and markings.

The other works I enjoyed were some nice beakers by Janine King with a pumice glaze which she tells me she developed as a student and recently rediscovered.

Some lovely little squared off beakers by Zak Chalmers, a green jug by Susie McMeekin and a set of pots by Len Cook.

It was also interesting to see works by Peter Rushforth which were not for sale and of course some amazing pots by Janet Mansfield herself.

An enjoyable exhibition so do call by if you are anywhere near Newtown before the 9 July.

the scene at Opening night, Woodfire 2013 Kerrie Lowe Gallery Newtown

This is my post for this week Mud Colony so make sure you link over and see what else is going on around the studios.  And if you like the wider craft scene check out Artists in Blogland.

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