27 November 2016

Back again.. and in the studio

Well here I am back again and in the studio after a few family happenings and then a long awaited holiday.

I'll post more about the holiday soon...

however in the meantime I have an order for a Christmas bird hanger.  The client asked for one larger than I usually make so I needed to work out shrinkage rates...

the formula I used is one I was given while in college:

Shrinkage Percentage of clay = 100 - shrinkage % = X/100 = Y

Finished size required divided by shrinkage allowance = size to make

example:  if the clay has 8% shrinkage then 100 minus 8 = 92
92 divided by 100 = .92

if finished size required is 12cm then the size to make now is 12 divided by .92 = 13.04

So I drew up a new template to the new size and they are now drying!

Thanks for stopping by... more posts soon I promise :^)


Elephant's Child said...

Welcome back. Love that hanger, and will be interested to see it as it progresses.

Anna said...

thanks EC... so far so good :)
sorry to hear about your little black cat..

Anna M. Branner said...

Ugh. Shrinkage. For straight forward things I made and twice fired a clay ruler for a quick estimate. But I really need to learn how to do it mathematically!

Anna said...

Hi Anna MB
I hope this post helps...
Still good to do your own clay test but then I still needed to work out what the raw size needed to be.. good luck.

Peter said...

I really should print this out! My brain, such as it is, emits smoke when I see equations (school mathematics did permanent damage!), however... what you have here looks very useful. Thank you!

Anna said...

Hi Peter
I had awful maths teachers in primary but much of the damage was turned around by a brilliant fellow in High School but I'm no mathematician.
I hope this helps..