15 August 2018

Drought relief - a small contribution to a big problem

If you haven't heard already, my state, NSW has been declared 100% drought affected.  Even farms close to the East coast are affected. 

Over on Instagram two artists have started @artforbales.  Any money taken for art works goes directly to the charity Buy A Bale.

My husband and I have already made a donation to one of the drought relief charities but I thought this was an idea to be encouraged.

The small vase below is for sale for $35 plus postage within Australia.
Pop over to my Instagram account and DM me there - @potterybyanna

Check out @artforbales too


Elephant's Child said...

Great idea.
Sadly not only are the farmers affected but the small businesses in rural towns. The farmers get 'some' government assistance and the small business none.
Which is so very wrong.

Anna said...

Hi EC the thing I like about this charity is they don't only do the hay bales they help the families too. It is awful the way the Government had to be pushed to give the relief when 100% of the state plus a big slice of Qld are affected.

Linda Starr said...

great charity event

Anna said...

Hi Linda I was pleased to be part of it if only in a small way