30 August 2012

Great time up North

If you noticed a certain lack of activity on my blog lately it was just because I was on hols with my husband.  We took a drive north up the Pacific Highway, caught up with family and friends and had a thoroughly good time.

First off, we met up with the lovely Ellen Appleby of the blog, Based in Noosa and then attended the opening of her latest exhibition at Kari out at Kenilworth.  It was a very friendly crowd and the paintings by Chris Brown added to the zing.

Ellen Appleby at the opening of her Equilibrium exhibition

Ellen's clowns and acrobats are beautifully made and the glazes used are the result of much research.
It's a lovely little gallery with an open window letting in lots of natural light.

We couldn't resist bringing 'Stoked' home with us though it was a close run between him and Gazza :^)

After the exhibition opening we drove over to a nearby town called Imbil  where we visited the new 'Gallery Frit'.  Here we found work by Michael Ciavarella - the artist behind The Matchbox Show

Later in the week we met up again and toured some very nice galleries around Noosa, including their Regional Gallery which has the sculpture exhibition/competition, SCAP3D, underway, nice to see some ceramic entries doing well here:

Entry of Petra Svoboda

Award winner by Johanne Demaine

Entry by Rowley Drysdale

We also visited the Wallace House craft centre, had a pleasant lunch at a cafe before dropping by at Quixotica, the home of Rowley Drysdale.

Rowley shows us his new Japanese style bath house which is close to completion

His Ogama kiln

Rowley at his wheel

lots of space in a tranquil bush setting

Lots more to see and do around the Sunshine Coast but it was inspiring to see so many clay artists getting their work out there.  Thanks again to Ellen for making my holiday very special.


Sadhana Peterson said...

Lucky You! What a great trip!

smartcat said...

With such wonderful photos and your description of a most enjoyable vacation any absence is forgiven! (Although I was beginning to wonder.)

Anna said...

Hi Sadhana and Smart Cat, it was a great holiday :^) Lucky I have such an understanding husband.

Linda Starr said...

Oh what a great trip you had, love all the photos and so great you got meet up with some fellow potters and bloggers; my husband like's to call himself the art slave. Ha.

Anna said...

Hi Linda
I like your husband's humour :^)

Brenda said...

It sounds like you had a fabulous holiday!

Anna said...

Hi Brenda, yes, it was nice to catch my breath before the hurly burly of the lead up to the Port Hacking Potters 47th National Competition!!

Ellen Appleby said...

I feel a bit like a celebrity - thanks for posting these. I wonder how Rowley will feel about his dazed look! Hope all is going well with Port Hacking Potters.

Anna said...

hi Ellen glad you like them - yes, hope Rowley doesn't mind, I sent him a link and didn't receive any reply. These were shown again at the Potters Group meeting tonight as our demonstrator for the night fell through. They went over well.

Rogez said...

Beautiful Japanese Art, thanks for the post
Here,a very nice Japanese Gallery in Paris (France)
Yakimono Paris

Anna said...

Hi Rogez - thanks for visiting my blog and your comment