11 June 2006

Previous Cultural Production Art Works

I really don't know where to start with my 'making' of examples of art style/periods. Perhaps by posting up the images I used for some styles in my previous module I will get an idea to build on. Here goes: Art Deco, Cubism, Art Nouveau and Constructivism.


jledingham said...

Hi Anna
Are you wanting direction with your preparation of this year's Cultural Productions? I have suggested students come to their interview with at least one or two artworks by their artists of choice(see Research Assignment sheet from the beginning of the year). Try to start by doing a visual/verbal annotation of the art works (as we did in class).

Anna said...

Hi Jenny
Thank you for the suggestions. My problem is too much to choose from and too little time!
I'll do some web-surfing and bring something along to get me started.