21 September 2009

More Homage at Hazelhurst

This set worked better off to the side and why did I do pink rather than more yellow? Well before it was all mounted the pink on the wall piece was more apparent, however I do plan on making a yellow series next time.
Native Violets are the theme here. Along with tissue transfer prints I decorated each bottle and the container with violets hand drawn using ceramic pencil. This set sold at the opening.
I named this series "Blue Traditions". Sold one bottle.
"Hibbertia in Blue" The design for this one is based on a creeper which grows near our letterbox.
Three together on the wall.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Looks like it was a huge success.
When's the next one on? ;)

Anna said...

Well, there is the end of year student exhibition in November :)
I feel some yellow bottles waiting to be thrown :)