19 March 2011

Tests, clay and glazes

As anyone working in clay knows we need to test our materials whenever we use something new.  I am using a new clay and 3 new commercial glazes.  Recently I tested them in a small electric test kiln fired to Cone 10.  Mixed results.

I expected this one to have more blue and more shine.

This copper based glaze is about what I was hoping for.

This is porcelain and not as white as I had hoped.

This one is called Hyacinth Blue.  The teabag holder had some green underglaze so that is OK.  The test dish looks promising.


Linda Starr said...

In some of my cone 6 electric tests I found the firing schedule and which kiln is used changes the glazes to something completely different. When I first moved here I had someone fire my work in their kiln and it was completely different than when someone else fired it in California or I fired it here. Then I tried different clays with the same glazes and more unique results, there are so many variables in clay and glazes. The clear looks like a good melt gave an antique look to the clay.

Anna said...

You are so right. Even firing on a different shelf can result in a variation. Thanks for the comment on the clear. It will help me to adjust my expectations on having a crisp white. I won several bags of this porcelain and will need to use it up.