12 June 2011

Inspiring Maker

Hella Jongerius' work has been an inspiration to me for several years so I was really pleased to see that Josie of Josie Goes to Pot also finds her work inspirational enough to post this video clip:
Hella Jongerius Bowl, "Non-Temporary" Series


Linda Starr said...

I saw that post at Josie, I love how Hella says she wanted to start over to have a fresh look at art.

Anna said...

Yes, I'll be looking for the book, Misfits, too.

JosieJurczenia said...

Things were too comfortable...time for a change...incredible... the woman is so strong ...I am in awe.

Anna said...

Hi Josie. I love your own work - always so fresh :) Hella really is inspiring! Hurrah for the internet to be able to share such talent around.