02 July 2011

More of this or less of that

This little container is having an identity crisis. :^)  The high rounded lid with a full bud fits best so I think it will go with that one.
Thrown using  Porcelain, with additions then bisque fired and  a little iron oxide on the bud before being glaze fired to 1280 deg C in Gas Reduction.  The glaze is a Pale Green Celedon which is already starting its typical crazing so I could wipe in some ink to highlight those but quite like them without the ink.

Wheel Thrown Porcelain.  Pale Green Celedon Glaze. 1280 deg C Reduction firing.

Wheel Thrown Porcelain lidded container. Pale Green Celedon Glaze. High Fire in Gas Reduction.


Ellen Appleby said...

These are very cute - the celadon colour is gorgous. How are you getting the darker green - that is very special. Take care, Ellen

Anna said...

Hi Ellen
This is a glaze used in the studio where I was sitting in on classes at a nearby Regional Gallery. There is some variation due to thickness so could be that you are referring to?

Linda Starr said...

I like the second lid the best. That celadon is a nice green, the one we had in our classroom was very dark and rather ugly, I added some yellow ochre to the mixed glaze and it turned out to be a lighter green with a hint of a blue in it.

Anna said...

Hi Linda
That sounds a very interesting addition to the glaze and a nice result. Will keep it in mind :)