19 July 2011

Packed and ready

Just packed up my teapots ready to be delivered to the Sydney Teapot Show at the Innercity Clayworkers Gallery in Glebe.

Hope they find appreciative new homes :^)
"Violettee"  Close up. Wheel-thrown.  High fired buff stoneware - ceramic pencil and tissue prints. 2011

"Billabong"  Detail. Wheel-thrown. High fired stoneware buff clay. 2011


Linda Starr said...

I'm sure they'll find new homes; I love the lidded box in the past post, that texture is very effective for the shape.

Anna said...

thanks Linda. So many ideas are running around my brain for my next lot of pots I'm not sure where to start! I feel very lucky to be able to indulge!

Anna said...

Violettee has a new home - one of the first to sell at the exhibition :^)