12 July 2011

Screen Printing your Own Designs

This post is for a friend who is about to buy her own Gocco machine to make her own screens.The article was published in a magazine called "Australian Pottery and Ceramics" Vol 2 No 2  pages 57 - 59 and based on work by potter, Bev Butler.  As this is a published project and I am acknowledging the source I think I am complying with copyright.


Ellen Appleby said...

Hi Anna
I did a workshop with Bev Butler several years ago - she has an amazing array of surface decoration techniques. One I like is painting slips/underglazes on plaster of paris batts then pouring slip on (with barriers around the edge of the batt), to make flexible slabs. They always work, and can be really beautiful.

Anna said...

Hi Ellen, that would have been great, a very talented lady I think. I've only tried the decorated slab technique once but could see the possiblities.. so many techniques, so little time :^)