08 August 2011

Sustainability for potters?

One of my teachers, Steve Harrison,  has an article in the latest Journal of Australian Ceramics #50/2 July 2011 (page 96) in which he reflects on ways in which sustainablity could be more broadly considered, for example, using internet technology for conferences to minimize travel and panels to discuss issues we potters/ceramic artists are likely to face in a low-carbon future.
This article was written after Steve had attended a wood firing conference in Tasmania in April and purchased carbon credits to off-set the air travel involved in travelling there from another State.
While I struggle with recycling my clay and slops, Steve and his partner, Janine, live the Good Life.
Have a look at their website (click on link below and look for the tab, Sustainability) and perhaps you will be able to pick up some suggestions to help lower your own carbon footprint.
One of my early pots fired in a pit-firing at Steve's property at an alternative firing workshop.

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