13 September 2011

We all had some fun

Here is the follow up to the previous post, Ready and Waiting.
Members of the Port Hacking Potters enjoyed a little hand building at the September meeting with a little demo by yours truly to get them started. The theme was the Nativity Scene, some made Angels and some made Wise Men.

Here's one I prepared earlier as an example

working on such a small piece meant it was better to hand the examples around and just get people started.  All but one had done plenty of handbuilding before and just wanted to get their hands on the clay.

the camera shy Anna (that's me)
the delightful product in all their variety


Linda Starr said...

Wow, what a great project, I wasn't quite sure from the last post, but these are really cool. hope you show the glazed pieces too.

Anna said...

Hi Linda, I think its cool too - the way you can give a group an idea and they just run with it! These will be bisqued but the clubs building is being refurbished so not sure when they will be glazed. Some people may like to colour them with underglazes before glazing or I think a glaze that breaks across the textures would be nice too.

Linda Starr said...

How did I miss that photo of you, you look so cute and happy with that project.

Anna said...

Hi Linda
Thank you.That's a smile of relief that everyone enjoyed themselves as this was my first demonstration. :^)