08 December 2011

An unusual bird

A little ditty goes:
An unusual bird is the Pelican
His beak holds more
Than his belly can.

Apparently the Australian Pelican is the largest of the world's 7 species.  I love the way they soar the thermals way up high. It's amazing how they will turn up on our inland Salt Lakes (which are ususally dry) just after the lakes fill with flood water.

These pelicans were on a lake near where I was visiting family last weekend.  It was a wet evening but they didn't seem worried by the weather.


Linda Starr said...

Oh those are so much larger and really beautiful.

Anna said...

hi Linda. I can remember the first time I saw images of the brown pelican being very surprised. These can look very ungainly out of the water but wonderous when soaring on the thermals, often in formation.