21 December 2011

Wedgwood Museum in trouble

The UK's Wedgwood Museum which has an extensive collection of Wedgwood dating back to its origins plus Wedgwood family historical items may have to be sold up to pay into a pension fund for employees of the Waterford Crystal company which went out of business in 2009. (Read more here: http://meetmedaily.com/wedgwood-museum-faces-selloff-to-pay-134m-pension-debt-after-court-ruling/)

I was lucky enough to visit the Museum when in the UK last year and it was such a pleasure to be able to follow the history of Wedgwood and see pieces in person which I had admired in books.  I hope the campaign to save the collection for the public will be successful. The UK Studio Potters have suggestions here: http://www.studiopottery.co.uk/blog/?p=737

The collection includes these family portraits by Stubbs

Pieces of the dinner service made for a Russian Empress

All in chronological order

a complete history of the company

I also hope that the Wedgwood Visitors Centre, on the same site will be allowed to continue although without the Museum it would be out of context.  I was able to throw this little pot using Jasperware clay, have it bisqued and mailed home.  It was such a thrill.


Linda Starr said...

Much of the world seems to be in a real pickle, so sad.

Anna said...

A very real pickle! I hope this one survives.

Kim Schoenberger said...

lets hope all works out ok. How lucky to have your piece sent home Anna, a real treat!

Anna said...

Hi Kim, yes, I hope the museum finds a way to continue. My pot made it home before me, lol!