19 January 2012

The Generosity of Potters

Yesterday I went with friends from the Port Hacking Potters Group to visit Toolijooa Old School Pottery just past Gerringong on the NSW Illawarra coast.

Roger Graham and his wife, Pauline, made us welcome with a cuppa and showed us around their workshop.  Roger is quite an inventor and has produced some remarkable tools to make his work easier.  He happily shares many of these on his website: Toolijooa Old School Pottery

Being the generous soul that he is, he gave each of us a gift.  A test tile holder for which he has made up his own extruder die.  Here is a pic - I think it is brilliant.  His tile are flat rectangles with a hole thru so when fired they can be threaded on a wire taking up less room.

(I forgot to say I'm sharing this post with Mud Colony - a great ceramics blog group started by the wonderful Adriana Christianson) Do pop over and check it out - lots of great post links.

Detail of bisque fire holder

Each holder will take 3 test tiles and easily fits between other pots


gz said...

neat! and *if* (!) the glaze runs, the kilnshelf is safe!!

(here thanks to a link from Debby Gower :-) )

Anna said...

Hi gz, thanks for dropping by - isn't it a great idea - I'm much more likely to do tests with something so simple :^)

Adriana Christianson said...

super clever...

Linda Starr said...

Super idea, takes up less room in the kiln too.

Anna said...

Hi Linda, Adriana
thanks for dropping in. Roger tells me he got the idea from a TAFE college in Victoria a few years ago. I was impressed by his homemade die to do the extruding! Check out his website for more ideas :^)