28 January 2012

Revisiting past work

I've just been reading Linda Starr's blog,  about pit firing and remembered some past efforts of my own.  Not something I have done a lot of but always enjoyed the result when I did.
I have a couple of images on my portfolio blog, AnnasCeramicPortfolio down under 'Early Work'.
I also have these which made up a fountain in the garden and are still going strong after all these years, of course we rarely get frosts here.

These were wheel thrown using a mix of a grogged white stoneware and terracotta clays then burnished, bisque fired, reburnished and pit fired.


Kim Schoenberger said...

The thrill and excitemnet of prmitive firings get me in everytime! I got my partner to dig a 1 mtr cube pit one time, pitty we moved, he's not been so keen to do it again :-)

Linda Starr said...

Those are real beauties Anna.

Anna said...

Hi Linda, glad you like them. I hope the info on how I made them might be useful to you.
Kim, I guess your man is not a potter, could you suggest a Hangi? Got any Kiwi friends to dig it out for you,lol.