12 January 2012

Two Road Trips Across Three States

As is the case with many families, ours is spread around, both across the country and across the world. My husband and I have been catching up with a few which resulted in lots of driving, firstly from Sydney NSW to Brisbane, QLD and back - next was in the opposite direction thru the ACT to the Snowy Mountains in Southern NSW where is snowed which is not unknown but as it is our summer doesn't happen all the time - fortunately we had a day at home in between to take appropriate clothing :^)  Here are some snaps from the car or near the roadside...

Half way to Qld. Look closely for the Water Hen on the river bank

Close up of a Straw flower in a Qld garden, a cultivar of a native flower.

Sugar Cane growing close to the road

Close up of Paper Bark Tree

A beautiful gum tree at a roadside stop

Great driving weather along with the other holidaying drivers

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