23 February 2012

Pretty good result

those that follow this blog will remember I shared a kiln recently.  Well my post this week shows part of the result:
I'm very pleased with the glaze on these mugs as I haven't used it as a glaze on glaze decoration before. A little tidy up of the bases and these will be off to market next month.
My blogger friend, Linda Starr of Blue Starr Gallery was kind enough to nominate me as one of her recipients of the Versatile Blogger Award. Now from what I understand the idea is to nominate some other recipients to pass it along and then to tell a few facts about yourself.

So first I would like to re-nominate Linda - her blog is just so versatile with lots of insights into her pottery and her cooking. Blue Starr Gallery
Next is Adriana Christianson for her inspirational pottery blog.
Then Josie of Josie Goes to Pot 
Then Angela of Ang design blog
Bit of a theme there but these bloggers all add something extra to their interest in clay..

And me?  I'm a 5th generation Australian, with a possible link to Aboriginal people of the Myall Lakes way back on my Dad's side (hard to confirm).  Met my wonderful husband when I was 18 and had a flat tyre and he stopped to help. Have worked as a clerical officer, tutor and a notetaker for people with disablity.  Currently I'm a newsletter editor and blogger for a community pottery group, Port Hacking Potters Group and I'm on the organising committee of their National Pottery Competition later this year.

Just  to spread the word a little further I'm adding this post to the Mud Colony blog and I hope you will check it out and if you work in clay add your post there too.


Adriana Christianson said...

Heeeeeeeeeeey, thats a bit noice !!
Thanks Anna...and those mugs are just RIGHT for a lovely cuppa,they look beautifully smooth-well done !And thanks for adding to Mud Colony and encouraging others !! Cheers
AC :)

Linda Starr said...

Oh those cups look so soft, thanks for the renomination but you aren't going to get any more info out of me about myself, Ha. at least not for now. I guess every blog post tells a little about us whether we know it or not.

Amazing your a native Australian, how very cool.

laccentnou said...

Awesome mugs!

It was nice to know more about you and good luck on the next month market!

Anna said...

Hi Anastasia, thank you, I'll let you know how the market goes.
Hi Linda, just returning the favour so my followers can check out your blog. I don't think the Aboriginal people would consider me a true native but I do think I have some of their regard and attachment to the land we call Australia.
You're welcome Adriana :^)