27 June 2012

Contemplating teapots and wattle

I'm not game to post any images of my current teapots in case I jinx myself again - the last lot were made with Cool Ice Porcelain and they bloated, mostly on the handles even though I had turned them away from the elements in the electric kiln.  They were on the top shelf as I was using a kiln at college that was almost full.  So anyway, I'm remaking them.  This time with Blackwattle Porcelain Paperclay.  The Sydney Teapot Show is held each year at the Inner City Clayworkers gallery in Glebe NSW.  The show has various suggested themes and this year Blackwattle are sponsoring one called "Wattle they think of next" for teapots made using paperclay.  I've thrown some (I hope) functional teapots and now I'm looking at how to decorate them....
This one was made using TMK a porcelanious white stoneware clay

and was made as a commission for Jade, a friends grandaughter. 

I'm thinking the green and gold theme could be appropriate

A bit like our Floral Emblem :^)

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