30 September 2012

Busy week

This week has been rather busy.  As Assistant Coordinator and President of the Port Hacking Potters Group, I have been back and forwards to the gallery, helping to supervise and filling in on the desk as needed.  Though our members have been very generous with their time, there are always those that have illness or unexpected calls from family. 

We have a sales table and also run a raffle for a local charity.  Sales have a bit slow but little by little the choice is getting less and less.

As the Group will also be having some market stalls in the next couple of months, I've been making a few new pieces.
these are slipcast using a buff stoneware casting slip by Blackwattle Pottery Supplies and decorated with tissue prints.  The upright one is to hold a candle. I've cast a couple more today that will have a different decoration.

If you have visited from my Facebook page you will know I had a firing disaster with a pig sculpture :^(

the big cracks up the one end are most likely a stress fracture as the base was a thrown and altered piece. A combination of the stretch when shaping it to a rectangle and the weight of the pigs when fired.

It looked so good at first :^(

Any way I'll have another go and have started on my pigs -

I find if I do the rough shape, let them firm up and then go back and do the detail, I have more luck with this clay mix.  It has some grog in it so needs to be coaxed along.

this is my rather late entry for Mud Colony this week so I'm off to see what others have been up to ...


Brenda said...

I love your slip cast pieces with the tissue print! Very pretty! I also love your pigs! Too bad they cracked...but I do love the glaze...they have a lovely aged look!

Anna said...

Hi Brenda, thank you - fingers crossed for the next try!

Linda Starr said...

Sorry about that crack, good luck with the next one, the glaze as Brenda says looks super on the pig piece. Your tissue prints are wonderful.

Anna said...

Hi Linda, thanks and well we just keep on trying don't we, do hope the next pig sculpture works! Glad you like the tissue prints :^)