29 October 2012

Just great meeting in Reality :^)

Yesterday I took myself over to a local market where I knew some students from our local TAFE were trying their luck at selling and had a lovely surprise to find the lovely Mrs Peterson

of Mrs Peterson Pottery also had a stall there.

I've been following her blog for a while and admired her porcelain jewellery - so pretty and such fun designs, so it was such a treat to meet in reality and have a nice chat about working with clay :^)

I'm so impressed by her marketing - wonderful posters, a whole woodland theme just sets off her beautiful jewellery so well!

And it doesn't stop there - no plain brown paper bags but funky printed ones and printed tissue paper in matching colours and then topped off with her sticky label

pendant by Mrs Peterson Pottery

so I just had to buy this lovely little red pendant....

Thanks Brianna for the lovely chat and good luck with the Finders Keepers and the Canberra Handmade Markets coming up soon.


Linda Starr said...

What fun to meet in person, love the bags and matching tissue and the heart is wonderfully displayed.

Anna said...

Hi Linda
Apparently they come from the USA where her husband travels and must take an empty suitcase to fill each time he goes, lol! much cheaper and better range than we can get here :(