08 December 2012

last stall for the year

Today myself and 4 other potters from the Port Hacking Potters Group had a stall in Cronulla Mall.

It went well.
Here is another Mud Colony blogger, Rhonda of Clay Obsession who is also part of the PHPG

We also sold tickets for a Christmas Hamper to help our local charity - check the Port Hacking Potters blog for the winning entry.

I'm ready for a rest now - as are all the other potters who have been selling their work around the country - see more over at the Mud Colony blog.


Ellen Appleby said...

Looks great - I hope lots sold. You are such an active group. I hope you have a wonderful festive season, and come back in 2013 revitalised with new ideas and lots of energy.

Anna said...

Hi Ellen
We did pretty well and were able to more than cover the cost back to the Group.
There are already a few irons in the fire for 2013 :^) but I'm ready for a break!

Amy Orsatti said...

Looks great Anna! Glad it went for all of you!

Anna said...

thanks Amy.

Linda Starr said...

great to hear about your good sale, enjoy the rest.

Anna said...

Hi Linda, thank you. Sorry it took a while to reply, I've been out of town visiting my mother in law.