31 January 2013

2013 Getting Started

The early weeks of the new year have been spent mostly designing, thinking pots and a bit of a clean up in the studio, recycling some clay, 

and even a drawing (see previous post).

I've got started at last:
While I was throwing I had a visit from a Koel - the migratory Cuckoo who visits us each summer from Papua New Guinea.
He (the black one) was enjoying the berries on the palm tree outside the studio
we have a bumper crop on all the palm trees in our yard this year - guess the rain came at the right time - he flew off before I could get a picture of him.

As you know I'm not a production potter but I'm just glad to get SOMETHING started..
some handbuilding of flowers to be added to the lids...

 they are quite small, 450gms but I see them with someones jewellery inside when they find a home.

The group blog, Mud Colony is back up so pop over and see how others are getting started in clay this year.  You can also find me on Facebook under Anna's Ceramics or check my Facebook Group page, Anna's Aussie Ceramics for general goings on...


Linda Starr said...

Oh those berries on the palm, I bet when they drop I could use the influorescence to weave. Can't wait to see what type of flowers you build.

Lori Buff said...

Those look perfect for jewelry, nicely done.

Anna said...

Hi Linda, I'll post another pic once the flowers are on the boxes :^)
I think the palm fronds would be better material for weaving the berry influorescence (had to look that up) are quite brittle once the berries drop.

Hi Lori
Thanks for dropping by, nice to see another Mud Colony contributor :^)
I've made some by this method before and the tricky bit is trimming the lid without distorting it or it won't fit well once its fired so fingers crossed.