28 February 2013

*whispers* in the bisque

 Here is the lid of one of my teapots.  Stoneware clay, wheel thrown, black underglaze and a scraffito pattern.
Here is number two, the pattern is based on some drawings I did a while ago of the flowers of the Illawarra Flame Tree flowers.

Here's a copy of the water colour I made based on my drawings.  I hope the pattern translates well on the teapots when they finish their journey.

Remember to check out Mud Colony this week.


Linda Starr said...

That's going to be super, wonder if you can do one in red on a teapot, I'm really liking your watercolor.

Anna said...

Hi Linda
Red would be lovely but I'm a bit restricted on firing for these as I have a deadline to meet. Maybe later in the year :^)