17 March 2013

Happy St Pats and a quick meal

St Patrick's Day today - Hope all my friends with Irish connections have a good day :^)

We spent 4 hours driving there and back to visit my Dad so just had a quick meal tonight - corn and carrot pikelets.

I do enjoy using my own bowls at home..
and they are OK in the microwave to melt the butter - this is a blue slip inlay, Shino glaze and reduction firing.

Sitting at my computer the other night and found I had a companion - much quieter than Truly's ferret :^)

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Linda Starr said...

pikelets, never heard of them, but love learning of different terminologies.

Anna said...

Hi Linda
You might call them griddle cakes? A batter, thicker than pancakes and smaller, cooked in a greased frying pan.