02 April 2013

Thats nice

Welcome to my newest followers.  I hope you will leave a comment from time to time - I appreciate your feedback and get a thrill when someone is kind enough to leave a note.

This afternoon I started on my shellac Wash back design - I'll let them dry again and do some more later...

I am using Keanes Porcelain - drew the design on with pencil then coated with Shellac and left it to dry over night
Here you can see the difference between the washed one in front and the untouched one at the back

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Annie said...

That is a technique I'd like to try, looking forward to seeing the finished pots.

Anna said...

thanks Annie.
I going to a demonstration on this technique at the Port Hacking Potters meeting tonight so I'm hoping to get some more clues :^)

Cazz said...

recently did something similar using water resistant wood glue.

Does the Shelac do anything other tahn resist being wiped off?

Anna said...

Hi Cazz
I guess one of the advantages of shellac is that being brown it is easy to see where you are putting it on white clay. I have heard of people even using nail polish!!