08 May 2013

2 days to get a taste of the wonder of Clay Push @ Gulgong

For years since I first started studying ceramics I have been asked are you going to Gulgong this year?  Each time the 3 years came around again there was always something else happening that prevented me from attending.
The clay conferences were begun 25 years ago by Janet Mansfield who sadly passed away before this years event took place. The planning was taken over by Vicki Grima of Australian Ceramics Assn and helped by an able team.
I was determined to attend what could be the last Gulgong clay happening.  I booked in for just one day, the second last day.
Delegates who attended the full conference were able to sell their wares. Amongst the mix here are works by Shannon Garson.  The two large pots in the background were hand formed by Master Potter, Lee, Kang Hyo, South Korea.

I sat in on some of Jeff Mincham's workshop. This large pot was moved just after I took this as it was beginning to lean on the wonky support under it. 

I spent most of Friday observing Diana Fayt's demonstrations.  I have admired her work online for many years and was thrilled to have the opportunity to see her decorating techniques first hand.

A lovely meal that evening with my friends from Mud Colony, L to R top row,  Ellen Appleby, me, Adriana Christianson,  lower row, Sadhana Petersen and Kim Foale.    

On Saturday, the potters from Sth East Asia prepared this installation and invited the audience to add to the display
one little pig

second little pig

Adriana and friend adding their pieces

Oh how did it get so late again 10.30pm! - check in again for more images soon....

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