04 August 2013

Hardenbergia or Sarsparilla Vine and bottoms

This lovely Hardenbergia or Sarsparilla vine is in full bloom next to the pottery studio at Hazelhurst Art Centre.  It caught my eye as I was walking in yesterday to catchup a class I missed earlier in the week due to meetings about the Empty Bowls Project.

I love the way it scrambles across the landscape without taking over other plants, it just embellishes them.

And then this afternoon was spent cleaning bottoms - of bowls - 70 of them... again for the Empty Bowls project... we have another kiln load underway so with those and the 100 plus also from students at the classes at Hazelhurst and more from the TAFE students at the Ceramic Design Studio across the road, I am feeling much easier..

this one of mine came through quite well.
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