16 August 2013

More Empty Bowls

Most of my time has been taken up with the Empty Bowls Project this week, plus the usual family stuff.  My poor friends must all be feeling very neglected...

Here are some snaps of what I've been packing today..

I altered this one using a technique I saw on a YouTube clip

this one has a tan slip, then carved then a Transparent Green Glaze over the top

similar technique to the one above

Port Hacking Potters have made nearly two hundred bowls between us all - about the same by student potters at Hazelhurst Arts Centre and the TAFE Ceramic Design Studio

this went well with yellow slip and tissue print decoration

If you have friends in Sydney do encourage them to come along - details on the Port Hacking Potters blog - here:Port Hacking Potters Empty Bowls event

or the Empty Bowls Facebook page: Empty Bowls 24 August 2013

if you can't get there then check out the studio happenings at Mud Colony.


Lori Buff said...

The people that receive those bowls will be very well pleased I'm certain.

Anna said...

thanks Lori
We have Sooo many bowls, Send your friends!

ha, ha