25 August 2013

successful Empty Bowls fund raiser

Yesterday was THE day of the Empty Bowls event I have been helping the Port Hacking Potters, students at Hazelhurst and the Ceramic Design Studio work towards for the last 8mths or more.

The organizer did a tremedous job and teaming up with the local Shire Lioness Club meant we had some mentoring along the way though there were some differences in philosophy here and there it all came together and was a success on so many levels.

The PHPG have gained some new members, the students at Hazelhurst have seen the value of their work in clay and best of all the charity that  were designated as the recipent of the funds raised will benefit both financially and through a higher profile in our community.  Win Win Win...

an early in the day pic - the gaps between bowls grew as the day went on
view of the students work being rearranged by our volunteers - Silent Auction in the middle...

amazing what can happen when people are prepared to give of themselves and their skills...

and a highlight of my day was meeting up with Tanya of Hop'n Frog Pottery who generously gave 4 pieces of work to the Silent Auction.
here we are  :^)
and here is the work that Tanya donated, aren't they beautiful and so professionally finished! They even come with their own numbered and signed card!!  That black incense burner with the cute little ladybird bugs was won by me in the Silent Auction and now sits happily in my home.
we weren't able to have a pottery wheel in the hall so I put together this display  

I'll be posting this over on Mud Colony and to my Facebook page too...

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