12 October 2013

Making a Load

I am in the process of making enough pots to load a kiln on my own. It is a fairly large kiln and I have usually shared it with others in the past.
As I fire to 1280C for my porcelain and the stoneware I use can also go that high I am making a mix of items with both clays.

I have some jugs, some bowls, some Christmas tree hangers, some tea light holders and a couple of teapots so far.  I hope to have some slip cast platters too..

trying out the new Graffito paper on leatherhard clay ..

these are textured with wall paper and then the prints added

I tried a new coloured porcelain casting slip..
Made it too thin and took it apart too soon -  will try a single piece mold next time.

So a bit of decoration coming up too...

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