16 February 2014

Experimenting with teabowls

A short post this week..my other life has been rather busy..

I am experimenting with making tea bowls (a teacup with no handle) to match up with my teapots.

throwing tea bowls

before making a set I need to find a shape I am happy with...

decorating tea bowls

these two are being bisque fired and then I will decide on shape and size and make a set.

The teapots they are to go with are already bisque fired and will be glazed later in the week.  I share a kiln and will have to find some more pieces to go in to fill the kiln..

Oh, and I've also been putting together some pendants and other jewellery.. will post pics of those next week..

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kim @frogpondsrock said...

I like tea bowls, I Like to hold them and to look at them and to collect them but when I drink my tea I like a cup with a handle as I always burn my hands on the bowl by being too impatient :)

Midori said...

I use tea bowls for Japanese tea. It doesn't taste same! : )

Green tea we, Japanese, drink is as not hot as English tea. The higher quality tea leaves are, the lower temperature of water you have to use. With the best green tea leave, we use about water of 60C. We are supposed to engage in conversation about art and culture whilst waiting for boiled water cooling down. : )

Anna said...

Hi Kim see what Midori has to say about tea bowls.. it explains why the English tea drinkers need a handle.
Hi Midori - it was your previous comment on a teapot of mine that made me think of making tea bowls so thank you for the explanation of the difference in function between a tea bowl and a tea cup. I like the idea of a conversation about culture while waiting for the tea to cool. :)