02 March 2014

Did not need bigger hammer

I unpacked the kiln this afternoon and for a while I thought I was going to need a bigger hammer or in this case, mallet!

Why you ask? Well I fired two of my three teapots with the lids on and one with the lid separately and my pottery friends will now know why I needed a mallet..

yes that is right, a tiny little bit of glaze was on the underside of the lid and that is all it takes for a lid to stick!

 Fortunately, with a little persuasion, some boiling water and a firm tap the lid is now free and I will have three teapots to send down to The Studio @ Flinders Melbourne Teapot Show in a week or two..

You might also notice that there are a lot of shelf props in this firing..  a little trick to get the firing even when you don't have enough pots to make a tight pack...

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kim @frogpondsrock said...

I was wondering why the kiln was full of props :)

Anna said...

Hi Kim, some people put an extra un-needed shelf in to keep the firing even but the props seemed to work this time..

Kim Schoenberger said...

10/10 for your gentle hand with the mallot Anna. I have a tea pot garden art somewhere in the garden from a firing many moons ago. Perhaps I should try a gentle mallot tap too, just to see what happens, lol!

Anna said...

Hi Kim
thanks, always worth a try after all that work putting a teapot together... not that I Plan on needing to do it again :)