19 July 2014

A trip up the coast

Just back from a few days up the coast to a place called Tea Gardens.
The weather was cold and windy but fine.  We had a nice warm unit to go back to each day so enjoyed ourselves.

the next village is called Hawks Nest but the hawks came across the river to visit us
we drove along the coast and stopped at this beach access - the colour of the water would make a beautiful glaze

a wonderful feeling driving through the bush - here near the Myall Lakes

and here on the dirt road to the west of the highway

on our way back to Sydney we called in to visit a potter, Marian Marcatli who makes some beautiful porcelain pieces. Check her website here: ceramics--by-marian

Marian also makes wonderful pink macaroons with creamy pink filling.  Thanks Marian for your hospitality.


Linda Starr said...

pink macaroons oh my, I need to get to the beach soon

Anna said...

Hi Linda
Yes! and I found out later they were flavoured with Rose Water! So yummy :)

Midori said...

Beautiful beach and amazing colour of the water!

Ow, pink macaroons! :D