13 July 2014

clay alternatives

What does one do when one can't play with clay?

Well the weather is cool and so I've been doing some knitting..

these are blanket squares knitted on the diagonal.. so easy for anyone not skilled at knitting...
just cast on 3 stitches then K1, increase 1 in next stitch, knit to end of row. Continue until edge equals 25cm then reduce by K1 K2 together, knit to end of row repeat until 3 stitches remain, cast off.

I'll be sending them off to a charity to be made into blankets for needy people.

Probably this one - an Australian volunteer group: Wrap with Love, the pattern is on this site..

I also like to cook some 'extras' in this cool weather.  I use a gluten free flour and recipes I've collected over the years.. some work better than others with gluten free flour.. these worked OK..

Jam drops with plum jam and some have coconut sprinkled on top..  if you called by expecting something about pottery/ceramics then I can recommend hopping over to Sunday Ceramics - the blog linkup for those who play with clay...


Linda Starr said...

those are mighty fine squares; I know noting about knitting but I did used to crochet.

Midori said...

I love the warm colour yarns! Just looking at it makes me feel warm! : )

Anna said...

Hi Linda
I learnt to crochet before I learnt to knit. I quite like the maths of working out crochet patterns and yet Maths is not my thing at all :)

Anna said...

Hi Midori
the orange mix is a warm mix.. I could do with some warming myself.. although our minimum temps don't get to the minuses of the UK we have a big range (3deg to 19deg) so really feel the cold mornings..