09 July 2014

Tissue prints, cold weather and a broken foot

It is ages since I have been able to get into my studio.. I have an almost healed broken foot and have been lugging around one of those 'moon boots' or walking splints for a month now... at last I can take it off for short periods to walk around the house.. still no driving which is so restricting... just as well my husband can drive me to do the shopping at least.

Its the middle of winter here in Sydney, the minimum temperature last night was 3.7 degrees Celsius - it would be easy to stay in bed on such cold mornings.

Before the enforced break from my studio I did make and bisque 3 bottles.  Just tiny ones that a customer was looking for when I last had a stall.  They can be used as bud vases.  In the warmth of my kitchen I decorated one this afternoon with tissue prints.  The glaze can be applied straight over the top without having to bisque again.


Midori said...

It mush be inconvenient, Anna. I hope your foot gets better soon and free! : ) A lovely vase. : )

Linda Starr said...

Yikes, sorry about your broken foot, have you tried your kiln with these?

smartcat said...

Foot bones seem to take forever to heal!
Pretty little pots!

Anna said...

Thanks Midori and Smartcat :)
Linda I have a confession, when I got that kiln home I discovered it was a glass slumping kiln and not a pottery kiln at all. Fortunately the seller was willing to take it back and refund my money. I'm now looking for another proper pottery kiln that will go to the required higher temperature. Buyer beware!