17 October 2014

Off to Coraki

It is a cold and wintery spring day in my suburb today.  Big storms last night with flooding and power outages in suburbs around us.  Fortunately we seemed to have missed the worst. I did put my winter clothes away too soon though.

I went to the post office this morning and sent off two packages to Coraki.

They are my sculptures for the Coraki Art Prize in northern NSW.

One is called Free Range and the other is called, Spot and Miss Piggy @ The Breakfast Club Diaries.

The Breakfast Club Diaries is a Facebook Group where the members post images from their morning walks and the owner of Spot and Miss Piggy often posts pictures of her pigs.

Here is a preview of  my interpretation...

"Free Range"  Handformed on wheel thrown base.  Stoneware clay, terrasiggalata, sawdust fired. 2015

"Spot and Miss Piggy @ The Breakfast Club Diaries"  Hand formed on wheel thrown base. Stoneware clay, underglaze, tissue prints and glazes.

Travel well little pigs.


Linda Starr said...

Oh your pig sculptures are wonderful. That will be a great trip for the pigs. Glad the storms missed you; we had one the other day, it was doozy, 4 inches of rain in a short period of time, luckily we noticed our wood retaining wall was about to give way and we found a drain that was clogged just in time.

Anna said...

Hi Linda thank you. Yes we were lucky this time with the storm. We get storms right through summer and it is still spring so I hope they wear themselves out soon. Glad you found that drain in time!