29 November 2014

big things afoot

big things are happening in my studio...

1.  a small kiln is sitting there waiting to be connected
isn't it great, all shiny and new!

2. a big hole has been made for the exhaust fan, not an easy job but my son is a tradesman and has the right tools for the job

3.  The walls are going to be rendered and painted so Everything has to be moved!

this is a bit fuzzy sorry but you get the idea

so it could be a while before the kiln is connected but it will sit patiently while the space around it is done up to match its shiny new look.  In the mean time I can go to the local art centre, Hazelhurst and do some work there.

I threw these bowls there this week and they should be in a firing on Monday I hope. (bisque).

Some of you will know I run a Facebook Group called Anna's Aussie Ceramics and while not a big group people who do belong seem to like it.  We just reached our 500 th Liker and a ceramic company called Interdec Australia donated a prize - wasn't that great.  AND they are going to send me a prize too, so watch this space for more details.

I'll be at Cronulla again next Sunday 7 December with the Port Hacking Potters so do drop by and bring your friends and family and buy a Christmas gift that is unique and made locally.  We will be in the mall near the flag pole. Hope to see you there.


smartcat said...

New kiln! What a neat thing to have in your future!.
Obviously too far for a day trip but I'll be wishing you well in the virtual world!

Linda Starr said...

oh my that looks like wonderful kiln, bet you can't wait to fire it but best to get it all set up correctly first. you'll have work piled up everywhere by then, Ha.

Anna said...

Hi Linda and Smartcat
Thank you both for your encouraging comments. I have fired kilns before but never my own and each is different so it will be a whole new experience and I'm looking forward to it.