16 March 2015

The Matchbox Show now open - runs to 21 March 2015

If you have been following my blog you will know that I entered The Matchbox Show 5th Anniversary Exhibition being held at the Brisbane Modern Art Gallery

Now that the exhibition is open I thought I would share images of my entries with you...

There were 10 pieces sent altogether.  There were two Magnolia seed pods almost identical so only one shown here.
Spot from The Breakfast Club Diaries on Facebook

Spot from The Breakfast Club Diaries on Facebook
Two Blue Fishes

Flora Snail

Gilded Snail

Guinea Flower Bud with 2 leaves

Guinea Flower Bud with gilded leaf

Jacaranda flowers, one gilded

Gilded Magnolia seed pod
It would be lovely if you could get along and see the show.  There are some very creative ceramic artists from across Australia taking part.


Linda Starr said...

beautiful, especially the jacaranda flowers

Anna said...

Hi Linda, thank you. I am hoping they are liked enough to find a new home :)