23 March 2015

Garden Show coming up

My second glaze firing finished today.  I haven't fully unpacked yet but its looking very promising.

The main items are three planter pots destined for the Inner City Clayworkers Garden Show next month.  I was thrilled to be invited to take part.  It opens on 29 April and runs until 17 May 2015.
 Correction - the dates are opens on 1st April and closes on 26 April 2015.

I'm sure there will be some fantastic works there.... not only pots but also sculptures and all sorts of things for the garden..

There are several glaze tests in this firing for future reference...  The lilac satin matt went well and one of the green glazes looks fine.  One test needs more work...

These lovely tangerine pieces were meant to be red.  I'll try again next time I glaze fire.

I had a few sales at the last stall I took part in at the Art of Living Festival..

The weather was shocking in the morning with heavy rain squalls and strong wind gusts.

We didn't bother to  put table cloths on and at times hung onto the gazebo as it blew like a sail in a gale..

Pots by Anna and Sandra in this image
I was happy that one of my new vases and that little jug found a new home  and several other pieces too.


Linda Starr said...

love the ruffled edge on your blue planter, your tangerine or melon color is beautiful

Kate P. said...

I liked the tangerine but if you want a sure red try mason stain 6021. They are very stable

Anna said...

Hi Linda thanks, I'm glad you like the blue planter... It looks a bit rougher now its fired as the grogged clay comes thru more. I quite like the tangerine, just not what I had hoped for... I think it is starting to burn out.

Anna said...

Hi Kate thanks for the suggestion. I'm not sure Mason stains are available in Australia? I'll try again with a larger percentage in the mix next time. Its all trial and error with new glazes :)

Therese said...

Hi Anna, you are making good use of your new kiln! Everythings looks lovely, well done.

Anna said...

Hi Therese
Thank you.. yes a better firing this time I think.

I'm pleased with the pots but disappointed, well a little, with the tests so will try again.

Barbara Rogers said...

Your pots are so nice. And it's good to connect with another potter who lugs things out to a fair, and some of them back home again!

Anna said...

Hi Barbara thank you and oh yes fairs are hard work but you do meet lovely people :)