01 November 2015

Visiting Sculpture By the Sea at Bondi NSW

This week my husband and I had a great day out visiting Tamarama and Bondi Beaches to see this year's Sculpture by the Sea

The weather was fine with a nice sea breeze keeping it cool for the walk from one beach to the other along the walkway that follows the 2 km coastline.

"Mirage" by Deidre Mair & Harry Stit
 I particularly liked the sculpture by people who also work in clay like this one by Naidee Changmoh who first sculpts his life size figures in clay and then has them cast in bronze.  Naidee was a demonstrator at the Clay conference at Gulgong last year.

"Fun" by Naidee Changmoh
 The winning entry was this metal piece of a deconstructed circle which represents the fragmented political blocks of our world which prevents the solving of problems such as global warming and poverty  .
"Divided planet" by Jorg Plickat
 There is also a pavilion setup with the marquettes of those who put forward their work for inclusion. I found these ceramic ones of particular interest of course.

by Thomas Quayle using the clay BRT

 These spheres (top and bottom)  are by Western Australian ceramic artist, Andrea Vinkovic

 They are marquette's for her main installation seen in place here:

 and here:

I've been following her blog for sometime now... have a look, it documents her amazing process.

In the mean time I am working on getting enough work together to fire up my kiln again...

I wasn't too happy with my last wheel thrown sphere - it  was too flat on top.. after a bit of research on Facebook and YouTube I brought out my heat gun and am happier with the results...

thanks for reading my blog... and all your comments


Linda Starr said...

amazing sculptures and the perfect backdrop for them at the ocean; I can't even imagine getting something perfectly round, good for you

smartcat said...

What a wonderful show. Thanks for the tour. The sculpture looks so natural in the landscape.
Toes crossed that you fill your kiln soon.
Are you enjoying spring?

Lori Buff said...

I love the setting for the sculpture as much as the sculptures themselves. Thanks.

Anna said...

Hi Linda yes, the sculpture show was great. These sphere were a challenge :^)

Hi Smartcat - glad you enjoyed the glimpse of the exhibition. My kiln is full now - ready to fire up in the morning. And yes our Spring is bringing some storms but so far we have been lucky with just rain.

Hi Lori glad you enjoyed seeing a little of the exhibition. It is a great setting.

Dawn Whitehand said...

Great pics Anna... I have never made it up to the show and hope to one day - maybe even to enter a piece one day!!